16 December 2009

Humpty Dumpty Surgery Update: Day 1 - 8:50am

Bennett is still in surgery.  The nurses called at 7:45am to notify us they had just started.  We just received another call a few minutes ago letting us know they are currently in the process of reconnecting his colon.  We are really starting to get excited about what this means.  I think we are starting to feel relief instead of the anxiety we have been feeling.

Bennett was put to sleep using a mask.  The nurses asked us yesterday what flavor we wanted him to "go to sleep to."  We chose banana. :)  After he was put to sleep, they put an IV in in order to give him pain medication.

We are fairly distracted during this time as our friends Lindsay and Josh from Waco have joined us (as well as their little ones, Lilli and Roy).  Oliver is with us too. So, we are fairly entertained by 3 toddlers in a small waiting room. :)  This makes our time back at the hospital again as enjoyable as possible.  We just with little Bennett could have joined us.

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