16 December 2009

Humpty Dumpty Surgery Update: Day 1 - 5:10pm

Bennett continues to sleep well.  He hasn't hardly moved, open his eyes or shown much interest in anything other than sleeping except to cry out in pain.  His cries are hoarse or "froggy-sounding" since he was on a ventilator for the surgery.  He basically sounds like a squeeking door opening.  The nurses are giving him morphine every 4 hours.

We are exhausted as we've have had a few sleepless nights in preparation for today.  Breck is about to lie down for an early evening nap.  Brian is about to leave to take Oliver to his grandparents' home, where he will be staying while we are in the hospital with Bennett.  Oliver is happy with this arrangement. :)

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  1. Thanks so much for the updates throughout the day! have been praying as are many others. Get some rest while you can.


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