16 December 2009

Humpty Dumpty Surgery Pictures - Day 1

Here are pictures of our day today:

Bennett is prepped for surgery.

Our friends entertain us in the surgical waiting room during the course of the two-hour surgery.

Oliver entertains himself on the floor with a truck.

A Disney movie keeps the boys attention for part of the time.

Lilli keeps everyone's attention most of the time.

We eat lunch in the room. (Yes, Sir-Eats-Alot.  Although, Breck swears for the last time.)

We visit the playroom on the surgery floor.  The kids loved it.

...especially the big fish tank!

We visited with the therapy dogs who came to visit the patients in the Atrium of the hospital.

Isabelle, the dog, was very kind to the kids.

Each of the kids got to brush the dog with special baby brushes.  They really enjoyed being able to do that.

Bennett was finally brought to the room after surgery where he rested.  (He is on a heart monitor and IV fluids).

And, finally, it was time to say goodbye.  Thank you, Lindsay and Josh, for getting up at 5am to be here with us all day!

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  1. Could not be more thrilled for all of you!! We prayed all through the day and even during the middle of the night feeds. Sedona says the Christmas Season at Cooks is not so bad and she thinks Bennett will like it. May you now sleep peacefully. You deserve the rest.


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