11 December 2009

Hibernation: Preventing Bennett's Exposure to Winter Sniffles

We've decided to consider ourselves "snowed in" this winter.  

So far, since Bennett has been home, we have not left the house except for a few reasons (such as going to doctor appointments and attending church). 

Recently, Breck talked with Bennett's doctor about her tendency to want to keep him home as much as possible since it's so cold outside and since cold and flu germs are most rampant in the winter.  Bennett's doctor agreed that she should trust her motherly intuition in this situation.  The doctor suggested that we wait to bring Bennett into public places (like Walmart and the mall) until Bennett gets past his surgery, gains weight and gets through the winter.

Our greatest goal is to keep Bennett's lungs healthy.  If we can keep him from being exposed to the very common bacteria that causes lung infections, we help him fight the effects of CF longer

We have heard from several other CF families that this is typical to do, particularly with young CF children, during the winter months.  It's the sacrifice the entire family must make to help keep the CF child out of the hospital and off as many medications as possible.

So, we are beginning to consider what it looks like to hibernate.  We have begun sharing the role of going on errands, one of us goes out while the other babysits Bennett.  We always try to take Oliver with us since his toddler mind is growing and he needs new experiences in order to learn.  But baby Bennett will stay home as much as possible - enjoying his little swing and basic toys.

We are taking precautions, even at church.   We struggle to know what to do when people want to hold Bennett.  We want to share our little man with so many of the people who love him.  And yet, we want to prevent as much exposure to a lung infection as possible.

Most of our friends know that if they have the sniffles or have recently gotten over a cold, it's best to wait until they are well before they come for a visit.  But it's hard if someone doesn't know and has good intentions.

Our hope is that by Spring, Bennett will be bigger and more able to fight off any sicknesses he will eventually catch.  We''re looking forward to warm Texas temperatures already!

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  1. Wise decision, and actually, more people ought to consider doing the same thing, who have babies and toddlers, especially with the threat of the H1N1 virus. I'm guilty of taking my 2 yr old grandson to Walmart, but he's learned to help us wipe down the buggy with the antibacterial wipes they provide. You'll be so busy, winter will go by fast! Ms. Ann


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