08 December 2009

Follow Up With CF Clinic for Hospital Stay #2

The CF Center at Cook Children's Hospital

Yesterday afternoon, Breck and Bennett took the 1.5 hour drive to Fort Worth for Bennett's follow up appointment with Dr. Dambro since he left the the Hospital.  Dr. Dambro was very happy to see how much weight Bennett had gained.  She could definitely tell a difference.  She was also happy to hear he is tolerating his feeds at home.  We discussed his upcoming surgery for which she gave her thumbs up. (Hooray!)

The CF Center waiting room.

Dr. Dambro wants us to return to see her the second week in January for a quick follow up appointment after his surgery.  We will also see her when Bennett is in the hospital for his "Humpty Dumpty" surgery.  She is very happy with Bennett's progress and feels confident that once he's put back together, he will continue to thrive.

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