06 December 2009

Finally At Home: Update 3

Bennett is now weighing 9 lbs 5oz!  Each day is exciting as we watch Bennett's weight continue to rise.  Our hope is that by 12/16 (Humpty Dumpty time), Bennett will be well over 10lbs.  This would certainly be good for him as he heads to surgery.  It is our prayer.

Another success worth noting is that today we went to church as a family for the first time since Bennett was born!  We were so excited to see our church family.  And, we were even able to go out for dinner afterwards.  No ileostomy bag issues or crying fits of pain.  Bennett thrived during this time - lots of awake time (probably all the new sites and sounds).  And, we were able to handle both boys well - a success for any new mother or father with two young children - but also a success considering one of them has special needs.  This blessing gave us the confidence to remember, "it's going to be alright."

All is well with my soul.


  1. Praise God for this victory today!!!

    In prayer daily for you all,
    Wanda Fields
    Minden, LA

  2. Hallelujah!!!! What a special gift to have such a "normal" day. It's amazing how much we take for granted the ability to go to church or go out to eat with friends until we aren't able to. I know I certainly do.

    Thanks for this reminder to always be thankful for such little things.

    Again, I'm so glad you got the change to reconnect with friends. That's a wonderful thing, especially at a time when you need them most! Wish I could have been there! ;)

  3. What wonderful news--I am so happy for y'all to be able to go to church as family.

  4. Congrats on the church outing! That is a *BIG* accomplishment.


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