03 December 2009

Finally At Home: Update 2

Bennett weighed 9lb 2oz today!  He's moving on up and we have changed from Preemie Diapers to Newborns!  Bennett turned 9 weeks old yesterday.

Brook-lyn, Breck's sister was recently tested for the CF Mutation as she and her husband plan to have children in the future.  We all waited anxiously in hopes that she did not have a mutated gene.  If she did have the gene, her husband would proceed to be tested as well.  If it turned out that they both had the gene, they would have had serious discussions over their decision to have children.  Fortunately, though, they can throw caution to the wind.  Brook-Lyn does not have the CF mutation.  What a relief!

We finally have a date for Bennett's Humpty Dumpty surgery!  We will meet with the surgeon on 12/15 and if all looks well, we will proceed with our scheduled appointment on 12/16.  That means we're back at Cook Children's Hospital in a few weeks but we plan to be out and recovering by Christmas! 


  1. Bennett, you are getting so big! keep it up buddy!

  2. That's great! ALL of it! Ms. Ann

  3. What great news all around! I'm glad to hear Brook-lyn doesn't have the mutated gene and that Bennett's surgery is soon. What a blessing to have that taken care of by Christmas!


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