01 December 2009

Finally At Home: Update 2

We are officially flying on our own now - just the two of us.  Our families are gone so we are now bearing the full weight of what it means to have Bennett home.

For the most part, we getting used to the details of having a new baby in addition to having a toddler.  Are we insane for having *two* children!?!  Sleep is hard to come by and Bennett's hourly needs can be overwhelming...much like any newborn baby.  We have the normal "blow out" diapers - except they are "ileostomy bag blow outs" that usually consist of his bag coming detached and poop getting everywhere.  We also have the normal gas pains and spit up issues.  But he's doing really well and we are adjusting.

There are a few certain stressors that make Bennett's situation a bit more challenging.  We are constantly concerned about Bennett's need to gain weight.  We are meticulous about making sure he gets every drop of his formula (through bottle or his g-button) and that he is weighed daily on our home scale.  In addition, we are having to remember to give him his daily medications and CPT (Chest Physical Therapy).  Bennett is still having alot of pain with his feedings (we still aren't fully sure why) but it's better.  Overall, we're getting hang of all of this slowly.

Oliver is doing really well with his little brother.  He is no longer showing signs of jealousy.  He actually seems unbothered by Bennett.  We are constantly telling him that Bennett loves him and Bennett is interested in what he is doing.  Oliver enjoys tell us where Bennett's eyes and nose are (which usually involves sticking his finger in Bennett's eye or up Bennett's nose).  He also likes showing Bennett his car or book.  Oliver doesn't yet quite understand his beloved hardback toddler book about trucks will crush Bennett if he continues to place the book on Bennett's face.

We think the main reason Oliver is doing much better is because we are both finally home.  We are the last people he sees at night and the first people he sees in the morning.  We are consistent with the love but also with the discipline.  And this is good for his little soul.

Bennett weighed 8lb 15oz today on our home scale.  So, we took a trip out to the Pediatrician's office to get an official weigh-in and hoped it was really that high.  And it was!  Bennett is nearly 9 pounds and starting to thrive.  This is very exciting and hopefully a sign of things to come!


  1. Such great news all around, Breck! I am so glad Oliver is loving having a brother around and is doing so well. And I am pleased to hear Bennett is gaining weight too! Yay! God is good! :)


  2. Hooray weight gain! And hooray for Oliver. Cam was older when Jordan was born and he was VERY upset he couldn't play Buzz Lightyear with her the day she came home from the hospital.

  3. Hi Breck, I am Ellen Parker from Minden. My daughter, Rachael, graduated with Brook-Lyn and my son, Slaid, might have graduated with your brother.

    I am reading your blogs regularly and I'm thrilled to read that Bennett is getting bigger!!!! Being a new parent is hard under any circumstances and now God has given you this special child to love and nurture. I will continue to pray for y'all. I will pray for you to get enough rest, to stay strong spiritually and emotionally!!! Hold on to God's hands and he will hold on to you!!! I'm happy to hear that Oliver is adjusting to this new person in his life. I'm sure that he will become a really strong, protective big brother!!! I will keep you in my prayers!


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