10 December 2009

December 2009: Update

Bennett turned 10 weeks old yesterday.  Time is flying by these days.  It's probably because we seem like we're living life from one doctor's appointment to the next.  We are looking forward to Bennett's surgery in one week!

Bennett is weighing 9lb 10oz these days.  We are hopeful he will be 10 pounds here very soon.  He is showing incremental improvement daily.  Each day we seem to notice that he is more contently looking around and cooing.  We haven't seen a smile for several days but we can tell he's more and more engaged.

On Tuesday, we met with a social worker from Klara Children's Center ECI, a state program that provides a variety of therapies for children under three years old who qualify for the program.  The point of having the social worker come to the house was to have her evaluate Bennett for the program.  If Bennett qualifies, it will be determined which therapies will help him most.  Then, the therapists will come to our home several times a month to help us learn how to best help Bennett develop his skills.

We have one more ECI meeting (on Monday) which will include an additional evaluation.  Then it will be decided if Bennett qualifies.  The social worker feels he probably will but the next meeting will determine it for sure.  They are looking to see if he is delayed in any areas or at risk for being delayed.

One thing we did learn from our meeting with the social worker was that they typically recommend a hearing and vision screening for babies who have been on a ventilator longer than 5 days.  Bennett was on the ventilator for a week.

We don't notice any problems with Bennett's ability to see or hear.  However, when newborns are given oxygen through a ventilator, they can sometimes develop vision and hearing problems.  Another risk factor for hearing issues is that Bennett was given 10 days worth of antibiotics in the hospital.  (Ironically, these antibiotics was started a day or two after he passed his hearing test).  So, we will likely have him evaluated sometime soon, just in case.

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  1. Hooray 10 weeks!!

    Early intervention programs are wonderful. I'm certain they will be a wonderful support source. I had to fight to get Jordan into Missouri's program (because a missing portion of an arm wasn't enough). They were incredibly supportive and therapy came to us instead of us going from appointment to appointment at different times every day. (I'm sure you know that feeling). We were able to get Jordan into more of a schedule. It was awesome.


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