05 December 2009

Pictures: 9 Weeks Old

Bennett loves to look at the camera these days.  He knows just where to look to get a good picture.  If only we could get him to smile on cue! :)

Our little guy is so funny with his long skinny legs.  He's really good at holding up his head and likes to sit up.  We hope those legs will become more plumpy in time.

Momma plays dress up with Bennett.

An evening together.

Big brother, little brother.


  1. You have two good looking boys! Bennett's long legs, feet, and toes are comical! I was thinking the other day looking at pictures of him in his sleeper. I'm surprised the feet are long enough in the sleeper for Bennett's feet! Bless his little heart! To look at him in your pictures at home, you'd never know how sick he really is. Will be praying for you two, Oiver, and Bennett. Love, Ms.Ann

  2. LOVE the photos, as always! I especially love the picture with the hat - aren't baby hats just adorable?!


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