24 December 2009

Baby Elves

One of the things we are enjoying about having another son born in the same season as his big brother is seeing how each of the boys were growing during parts of the year.  It's pretty obvious to see their weight difference, especially since Bennett is 1 month ahead of where Oliver was in these pictures.  But it's most interesting to see how they still favor each other.

Bennett - 2009 - almost 3 months old

Oliver - 2007 - almost 2 months old

Close Up of Bennett - 2009 - almost 3 months old

Close Up of Oliver - 2009 - almost 2 months old


  1. PRECIOUS!!!!! They grow up way too fast! Hope you are all having a wonderful time with all your family. Merry, Merry, Christmas! Love, Ms.Ann

  2. It really IS striking how much they look alike!


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