07 December 2009

2 Month Pediatrician Appointment

Today, we met with the Pediatrician for Bennett's 2 month appointment.  Bennett officially weighed 9lbs and 5oz (almost exactly 1 pound more than he did at his 1 month appointment).  His length was 21.75 inches.  He is currently in the 4th percentile for weight and the 10th percentile in length.  He is still very small but he is growing along the growth chart trajectory, which is what we want.

At our appointment, Dr. Kemper wanted to know about any concerns we had regarding Bennett's development.  She warned us that children who are chronically ill often struggle with meeting development milestones on time, particularly in motor skills.  We were already concerned that he might not roll over on time since Bennett has a ileostomy bag and a g-tube as it's hard to put him on his tummy.  Tummy time is generally important as it provides an opportunity for the baby to strengthen his neck muscles to hold up his head.

Dr. Kemper gave Breck some suggestions on ways to still help him in that area and we are excited about tomorrow's visit from the people at Klaras Children's Center ECI program who will also help us navigate helping Bennett develop despite his medical challenges.

We also discussed with her our worry that he does not smile or coo as much as he think he should.  We know he can smile, because he's done it a few times...but not even enough that Brian has been able to catch one.  And, we may go days before we hear even a slight little sound from him.  Again, we know he can do it but he doesn't do it often.  We explained to Dr. Kemper that while we are seeing more "content" times (aka not crying and not sleeping times), we aren't seeing "happy" times from Bennett.

Dr. Kemper had an opportunity to witness one of Bennett's painful fits as well as a "content" time.  She agreed he is crying in pain.  But she also noticed that during his "content" time, he seems to want to smile but doesn't.  She said, "you can see it in his eyes that he wants to smile.  But I think he's just so uncomfortable that he just isn't happy."  As Breck's dad explained it, "poor little guy hurts and just doesn't have anything to smile about."

While this makes us sad, we are hopeful that things will improve with his surgery next week.  We also hope that much of his pain will go away by the time he is 3 months.  Many children with gastrointestinal issues seem to improve by 3 months as the body has had time to develop and mature.

Dr. Kemper just encouraged us to make the most of the "happy" times.  When we see him awake and looking in our eyes, she suggested, "really get down with him and talk to him, make faces, do the baby talk, it all.  We want him to continue to develop that part of himself."

Our prayer is that Bennett's surgery and time will begin to change the course of Bennett's continued pain.  Until then, we will continue to do our best to make Bennett as comfortable as possible and to engage him whenever he feels better.


  1. We will be praying this week that Bennett's pain will be eased, and that you will start to see more smiles!

  2. Praying for Bennetts pain to go away,and that he'll start smiling OFTEN! Love, Ms.Ann


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