29 November 2009

A Visit from Nana and Papa

Nana and Papa (Brian's Parents) came to Waco for Thanksgiving, something we had planned before Bennett's birth.  Little did they know what a Thanks Giving it would be!  Nana and Papa were a huge help to us as they were here when we brought Bennett home from the hospital.  This was their first time to meet their newest little grandson.

Papa and Baby Bennett.

Nana loves on Bennett.

Giving Bennett a scrub down.  (Nana is a nurse so she is really great at handling Bennett and helping us care for his medical needs.)

Finding himself in the mirror.

Looking at Nana.

Nana talks to Bennett while she baths him.

Bennett loves his bath.

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  1. So cute! He's so alert! What great pictures. You can definitely seen how much he has grown and matured. What an adorable little man. Glad Brian's parents got to enjoy the holiday with you guys!


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