29 November 2009

Video: Playing with Bennett

Update 2:28pm: The video should *really* be working now.  Sorry, it was accidentally set on private.

Update 12:59pm: The video should be working now.  If you can't get the video to work below, click here.

Unfortunately, the hospital's wireless internet would not allow us access to YouTube.  So, while we made some fun videos during our time at Cook Children's, we couldn't upload them until now.

Here's a fun video of Mumsy and Momma having fun with Bennett:


  1. Hey Breck - I can't see the video! :(

  2. I have been following Bennett's story from the beginning. I cant see the video either.
    Please know that I think and pray for your family each and every day. Bennett is such a cute baby and such a fighter.

    Love and Prayers,

  3. Mother Mary - what about little shepherd boy?! Too cute.

  4. Mother Mary! Poor boy- you two are sooo bad! Love it! Love you!

  5. When Scarlett and Sarah were little they used to play Mary and Joseph and use towels as their head covering. hahaha Maybe Bennett could be Joseph instead of Mother Mary. I am so thankful that Bennett is able to be home and is doing so much better. It gives me joy to see pictures of him.


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