30 November 2009

Video: Bennett's Swallow Test

Here is a video of Bennett getting his Swallow Test at Cook Hospital a week or so ago.

This video shows Bennett drinking from his bottle and is about 6 seconds. (I wasn't supposed to be videotaping so had to get special permission).

We had to take Bennett to Radiology in the Hospital.  He was given barium to drink in his bottle and placed in front of a camera.  On the video, you can see Bennett suck on the nipple, keep the barium in his mouth for a brief moment and swallow.

The Doctor said his swallow looked great.  Bennett has no problems accidently aspirating liquid in his lungs when he drinks.

Side note: The barium was a bright white-out white going in...and was the same color going out.  Creepy!

If for some reason, the video above doesn't work, click here.

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