13 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 2 - Update

Not much has happened since last night.  We're kinda anticipating the doctors will start rolling in here within the next few hours.

Bennett is sporting a new IV in his left arm and is being given IV fluids to keep him hydrated.  His feeds were stopped at midnight in order to prepare for his enema contrast test, g-button and circumcision procedures today.  He's not a very happy guy to be so hungry. 

It's very hard for us to watch him go through this.  The more we get to know him and fall in love with him, the harder it is for us to listen to him cry in pain.  We are praying God will teach us something about his love for us, as we endure a broken heart at watching our tiny infant suffer.

Oliver is happy at home with Mumsy, Breck's Mom.  They have plans to visit us tomorrow.  We are looking forward to showing Oliver around the hospital and letting him enjoy the play room and playground.  We are getting reports from Mumsy that Oliver is sleeping well and enjoying some one-on-one Mumsy time (they went to the park yesterday).  It makes us feels so good to know Ollie-bear is well and happy.  We hope Bennett will feel that way soon too.

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  1. I'm so sorry that you have to watch Bennett in pain. I can only imagine how devastatingly hard that must be. I'm thankful though that Bennett is in a good hospital with the best doctors to monitor his CF.

    I love Bennett's new picture on the sidebar. It reminds me of Brian holding Oliver the day he came home from the hospital!


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