09 November 2009

The Ronald McDonald House - Pictures

We have officially checked out of the Ronald McDonald House for now but will likely be back when we have Bennett's surgery.  Here is a picture is of us (next to the large statue of Ronald inside the house) holding a gift some of our dear friends mailed to us at the RMH.

Here are more pictures of what the Ronald McDonald House in Temple looks like inside:

The view from the front door.  The front desk is where we checked in 5 weeks ago.  They were so lovely to us when we were so stressed and tired. 

Here is the living room.  Behind the living room is the dining room.  It's such a big house.

The playroom.  Oliver *loved* the Ronald McDonald House playroom.

Here is the dining room.  We shared many late night snacks here.  The Ronald McDonald House asks it's guests to eat in the dining room, not in the bedrooms.

The community kitchen.  It's so nice as it's a full size kitchen to be used whenever we want.  The cabinets are stocked with utensils, dishes and other kitchen supplies.

In the kitchen, there is lots of snack food available for anybody who wants it.  The overall feeling in the house is "what's ours, is yours."  It's almost unbelievable how generous those at the Ronald McDonald House are.  Several times a week, businesses, individuals or other groups donate dinner for anyone staying at the house to eat.

The pantry off of the kitchen is stocked with lots of canned goods, bread, tin foil, etc. for Ronald McDonald House guests to use/eat when needed. Inside this pantry is also a Coke machine with sodas that cost 25 cents!! Apparently, Coke donates all of the drinks and allows the entire quarter to go to the Ronald McDonald House.

Here is "our" cabinet.  Just as any food that is eaten must be eaten in the dining room, any food kept must be kept either in the community refrigerator or in your own cabinet.

There are several refrigerators at the Ronald McDonald House.  This one has nothing but white milk, chocolate milk and orange juice provided daily for free by a local dairy.  We *loved* enjoying the chocolate milk late at night after visiting Bennett in the NICU.

One of the Ronald McDonald House hallways.  Our door is to the left.  There are about two dozen guest bedrooms at the house.

Here is a picture of our room.  The beds are "Sleep Number" beds donated by the company.  (Sleep Number beds can be comfortable but also weird - they are kinda glorified blow up beds.  But we certainly didn't care - we slept very hard every night we slept here).  Everything in the room was donated either by companies or individuals.  The room comes furnished with a TV, a VCR, a few dressers, a closet and an adjoining bathroom.  It was almost just like a motel room...except we could keep the room for as long as we needed. The cost per night is $10 (however, they never kick anyone out for not paying).

Here is a picture of the front of the home.

Thank you for everything, Ronald McDonald House. For everyone who have made this place possible, so many whom we will never meet, you are a blessing to us.


  1. That's REALLY nice! I've heard about the Ronald McDonald Houses, but never saw one. There's one in Little Rock for the Children's Hospital. Thanks for sharing! Ms. Ann

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures! It looks wonderful - and such a good place for rest for the past several weeks. PS - Breck, I noticed in "your" cupboard quite a few Diet Cokes! ;-)

  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm so glad they were able to help you guys. And by sharing your experience with your friends and family, it will really help them as word gets out about the Charity. Oh, thanks also for the little video you put together for the Rock. It was very encouraging! Love you, Gamel family!


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