21 November 2009

Pictures: Bennett Gets His CPT

Bennett gets his CPT (Chest Physical Therapy).  CPT is administered by "clapping" the back and chest in order to break up the mucus in the lungs.  Cystic Fibrosis makes the mucus in the lungs very thick.  If CF patients don't do the CPT, the mucus in the lung will build up and create a breeding ground for infection.

At the hospital, CPT is administered by Respiratory Therapists.  Since Bennett is so little, the respiratory therapist use a baby oxygen mask taped to a tongue depressor.

Bennett usually enjoys his CPT - it typically puts him to sleep.  Since he just ate, the Respiratory Therapist sat him up for his CPT.

Bennett holds on to his Respiratory Therapists' hand.  Bennett gets CPT twice a day.  He will continue to have CPT daily for the rest of his life - more when he has an infection and less when he is healthier.

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  1. I love this last picture of little Bennett! He is so precious Breck! We continue to think and pray for all four of you often. Looking forward to a visit down the road.



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