06 November 2009

Our Night With Bennett

Our night with Bennett was so wonderful!  Even though we visit him daily, there are things you can't experience with your infant when they are in the NICU.  Breck loved just sitting him on the bed and being physically close to him.  We loved just lying there studying his features.  We continue to be so surprised how alert our little man is - he loves to look at faces these days.

We were also surprised by how much care Bennett needs throughout the night.  We were expecting a sleepless night of caring for a newborn (been there, done that) but we didn't realize exactly how sleepless caring for Bennett would be:

Bennett had 35 minute breathing treatments at 8pm, 2am and 8am.  His feedings, every three hours, took about 45 minutes as they included giving him enzymes, ADEK vitamins and Prevacid (things he does not like).  Also, his diaper had to be changed along with his ileostomy bag and his G-tube dressing before each feeding.

So, between 8pm and 8am, we got about 4 hours of sleep total...

Needless to say, it was a great "run through" for when Bennett does come home eventually.  It's evident that something about his care at home that will have to change since Bennett's nurse at home will also be responsible for caring him and an active 2 year old the next day!

We spoke with the doctor and she agreed that once home, we could either start doing his 4 breathing treatments during the day, rather than at night.  Or, we could utilize Bennett's gastric tube to continuously feed him throughout the night (this may be the best option since Bennett will likely need to be fed every three hours far longer than he would if he was a healthy baby).

In some ways, this experience made us want to have Bennett home even more.  But in other ways, it helped soothe our aching hearts to have him with us now.  It felt good to get the experience we have longed for - even if that experience was short.

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  1. I'm glad you got this experience - I'm sure it has helped make you more confident in being able to care for him once you bring him home.


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