10 November 2009

On Today's Menu

Today has already started out chaotic.  Bennett woke up with poop everywhere (his little ileostomy bag came loose from his body as there is just a big plastic sticker that keeps it sealed).   He was give a bath early this morning where it was discovered that his G-tube has come loose and is swollen.

The Surgeon at Scott and White called this morning to tell us that Bennett's biopsy came back inconclusive since the area that was taken was too small to determine Hirsprungs Disease (he will have to have an another biopsy taken again).  While on the phone with Dr. Custer, Breck shared her concerns about Bennett's G-tube.

Dr. Custer requested that she bring Bennett down to Temple in an hour to check it.  He is concerned that if it's not secure, it may come out.  This is not good.

After this appointment, Breck will rush back up with Bennett to Waco for Bennett's first scheduled pediatric appointment.   His pediatrician will be Bennett's local doctor to take care of any routine care.

In the meantime, Breck's mom and Oliver plan to meet Breck and Bennett at the Pedatrician's office since Oliver is on tap for getting bloodwork for the genetic testing he will undergo to find out if he has CF or is just a carrier.  We look forward to getting these results back soon.

Let's hope all works out well today.  It's just the first of many days of doctors appointments to keep Bennett well.

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  1. Congrats on bringing Bennett home!! I'm so excited for you. I can only imagine how it's a new level of stress being home with both kids. Just know you guys are in my prayers and you'll find your new "normal."


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