07 November 2009

Oliver Meets Bennett

When we introduced the boys to each other, we kept Bennett in the car seat so Oliver wouldn't feel intimidated by his parents holding another little one.  Oliver seemed intrigued with the baby.  Even though we knows about "Bennett" he didn't seem to understand this IS Bennett.

Oliver studies his little brother.

Oliver liked touching Bennett.

But, Oliver was most interested in giving Bennett his "Paci".

Tracy, our good friend who babysat Oliver while we went to pick up Bennett, took these pictures.  She caught this awesome shot of the two boys together. 

We were particularly fortunate because things with Oliver quickly began go downhill from there.  Here we are trying to get a family shot.  The only way we were able to get Oliver to cooperate was to entice him with cookies (notice what's in Breck's hand).  However, Oliver became passive aggressive.  Every time Tracy went to take the picture, Oliver turned his head away from us.  It was hilarious.

Here's the best of the 20 shots we took.  But this time, Bennett was passive aggressive to Oliver.


  1. Yea!!! What sweet pictures of your complete family all together - there will be many more! So grateful that Bennett is home!

  2. What adorable pictures! I know you must be thrilled to finally get that family photo - and it is so cute!!! I also can't believe how grown-up Oliver looks now. Man, he has grown! I can't wait to see more pictures and here more about how Oliver and Bennett take to each other.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing everything with us! I was so excited to get to see little Bennett at home with his family! Oliver looks like his daddy, huh? Pretty boys, both of them,or handsome, I guess I should say! Hope all goes well during the night and all day long. Glad your family's coming in to help! I'm just so glad to see Bennett without all his tubes! Will keep you all in my prayers! Ms. Ann

  4. So glad Bennett is home! Praying for you guys for strength and energy as you love and care on that little guy!


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