05 November 2009

A Night With Our Boy - Pictures

Third time's a charm.  On Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Guo offered to allow us to stay with Bennett at the hospital for an entire night.  We had planned to do it twice before but complications with Bennett's health kept us from being able to.  So, when Dr. Guo offered for us to stay with him on Wednesday night, we dropped everything to make it work. 

And it was a glorious night!  We had lots of time to observe Bennett, laugh and play with him in one of the "Parent Rooms" near the NICU. "Parent Rooms" are typically used for parents the night before their newborns are discharged.  Dr. Guo calls it a "halfway house" of sorts to help parents feel comfortable with their baby's care before they go home. Dr. Guo made sure we understood that we weren't able to take him home the next day...but since he was doing well, she wanted to give us an opportunity to care for him with no wires or machines - especially because he will have surgery again soon.  (side note: Dr. Guo is such a wonderful Neonatalogist.  It's evident that she cares for the parents as much as for the baby.)

Breck's favorite part of spending the night with Bennett was just being alone with him. 

Breck also enjoyed singing to him, dressing him and locking eyes with him.  We really enjoyed laughing at all the fun things Bennett can do these days.

Like father... son.

Daddy sits with Bennett and watches TV in the room.

Bennett was very content to sit up.  There is so much to see!

Such a serious little face.

Evidence of where Bennett gets his long feet and "monkey" toes from.

Bennett and Daddy

Unhappy Baby (aka hungry baby)

Brian's favorite part of spending the night with Bennett was having Little One snuggle on his chest.

Bennett was crying and fussy right before this picture.  But he loved being craddled on daddy's chest.

So content

Such a special moment

Cute baby feet

One of the things Breck has missed about having Bennett home is being able to put him in cute little outfits.  So, Breck brought several outfits to put Bennett in.  Unfortunately, Bennett is still too little for most of the clothes but this one seemed to fit best.

Our bugga-boo

Breck's favorite part of newborns: their little frog legs.

All curled up

While much of the night was spent feeding, changing and caring for Bennett, this morning was spent just spending time as a family.

So thankful for all 18 hours alone with our Bennett-Bear! Can't wait until he comes home for good!


  1. Yay! What a blessing to finally have that time together. Praying for many more days like that very soon! xoxo...

  2. How nice to see you all together. We love you guys.
    Uncle Ronnie

  3. We really appreciate you sharing your experience and honesty with all of us. Such a cute family and a cute little gentleman.


  4. I LOVE all these pictures. You all look so great.

  5. Wonderful!!! I know this was such a special time for you guys. And keep taking pictures of those sweet, sweet little feet! He's such a beautiful baby.

  6. Such a wonderful moment. And you documented it so well too, Breck! You do look like such a happy little family. I can't wait until all 4 of you get to snuggle together in bed! Such great pictures too. And I am starting to think babies must get their feet from their daddy's! Reese's feet are exactly like Kyle's! Poor little girl! ;)

    Liz Sherman

  7. My favorite thing about little babies are their feet! Bennett definetly has his dad's feet. That's so funny, and the feet pictures so cute! I can't believe he's not hooked up to anything. How wonderful! I'm glad you had such a good experience getting to be with him all night. So when Bennett has his Humpty Dumpty surgery, will he still have the bag for a little while? Hope everything's going along, so his surgery will be as planned! Praying for you! Love, Ms.Ann

  8. I love, love, love this!! What beautiful pictures, I'm so glad your overnight finally happened!

  9. I LOVE the pictures....especially the one with Bennett and Brian's feet! You are such a good photographer and capture these special moments so well. I know you've been longing for pictures like this - I'm glad the doctor gave you this special opportunity!


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