25 November 2009

Eight Weeks Old

Bennett is 8 weeks old today!  This big elephant is a stuffed animal given to him by one of the Child Life Specialists at Cook Hospital.  It turns out the company "Melissa and Doug" donated alot of these big overstuffed animals to the Child Life Department to use as needed.  In the course of conversation with one of the Child Life Specialists, Whitney asked if Bennett would like to take one of them home.  We appreciate such a fun gift as it will be a reminder to our whole family of our two weeks at Cook. will be a great stuffed animal to take pictures with as Bennett continues to grow.

These pictures were taken yesterday, Bennett's last day in the hospital.

Enjoying his mobile.

Posing with a gift from Bennett's Uncle JC (an Ole Miss pacifier and Ole Miss stuffed animal).


  1. Thankyou, Lord, for letting little Bennett be home with his family for Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love your website so I can keep up with Bennet's progress. He has a special place in my heart. I will pray for youu and your family. Take care.

    Dr. Guo

  3. Breck, I hope you and your little family have the happiest Thanksgiving -- all together at home, at last!

    Love you!


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