07 November 2009

Guess Who Is Home?!?!

In a wild turn of events, our little Bennett has come home - at least for a short while.  It's a long story that involves lots of deliberations but the final decision was made around 1pm yesterday: Bennett should come home.

Nothing in the NICU goes as planned...ever.  And nothing in the NICU can be planned...ever.  So, just like the surprise downturns and surprise disappointments that we experienced over the past 5 weeks, so this was upturn a surprise!

The bottom line is that after speaking with the Pedatric Surgeon and determining that Bennett would not have surgery (even at the soonest) for another week or more, it made the most sense to have Bennett be discharged where he can not only be cared for physically (through a feeding tube and a home-owned nebulizer) but also where he can be cared for emotionally.

Outside of waiting for Bennett's surgery to be scheduled, we were monitoring Bennett's weight.  Yesterday, Dr. Guo decided to increase Bennett's feeding by having him tube fed what he cannot eat at night.  We hope this will help Bennett begin to pack on the pounds.  Since this is something we can do at home, Dr. Guo agreed Bennett would be best at home.  As of last night, Bennett had already gained 3 ounces.  We hope this is a sign of things to come.

As far as what happens from here?  Our family is coming in to help us for the next week.  On Tuesday, Bennett has his first appointment with his pediatrician.  On Thursday, we will head up to Fort Worth for a meeting with his CF team.  On Friday, we will return to Scott and White in Temple to have a follow up with the surgeons about finally scheduling his "Humpty Dumpty" surgery.

In the meantime, we are busy bonding as a family...introducing Oliver to his little brother and experiencing some of the things we've waited 5 weeks to do! 


  1. What wonderful news! So glad to hear it. Looks like Brian got an early birthday present!

    We're praying for all of you during this transition.

  2. Hooray! We are so excited for you! I know you've waited for a long time. I can't wait to hear more about this momentous day and about Oliver and Bennett meeting for the first time. I'm sure you will cherish today always.

  3. What an awesome answer to prayer! It must feel so good to have your family all together for the first time =)


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