11 November 2009

Good Night, Sleep Tight

The way we were able to convince Dr. Guo that Bennett would be best at home was to reassure her that we would see to it that Bennett was being fed and would continue to gain weight.  So, each night, Bennett is hooked up to a bag of formula through his G-tube and laid down to sleep.

The continous feeding machine is set to 9 hours so Bennett is fed all night.  This guarantees he gets all of his calories throughout the night.   

During the day, Bennett should be eating 3 ounces every three hours.  However, Bennett will not eat more than about 1 oz per feeding (we are not sure why).  In addition to the fact that Cystic Fibrosis causes Bennett's body not to absorb the food, Bennett often shows little or no interest in eating.  He usually has to be awoken from his sleep to eat (he will go more than 4-5 hours without any interest).  Since Bennett will not eat enough but needs to gain weight, we are forced to "bolus feed" or "force feed" him every meal.
Good night, Bennett Boy, sleep tight.

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  1. What a peaceful spot... He's so lucky to be away from the hospital for now and enjoy this special place you guys created for him. I pray you will be able to continue to encourage Bennett to learn why food is really a good thing!


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