27 November 2009

Finally At Home: Update 1

Life has continued to feel "upside down" since we took Bennett home a few days ago. 

Bennett's Nana and PaPa (Paw-Paw), Brian's parents, arrived on Tuesday night.  They have been here with us for Thanksgiving and will stay through the weekend.  We have really enjoyed their company and have absolutely appreciated their extra hands during our first days back home.  Having them here has allowed us the opportunity to reorganize our life and even take a nap or two.

Nana and Papa have been so generous to let us sneak off for a few hours to run errands together with no children.  This has been very good for our marriage.  Stress and prolonged distance can really be overwhelming to a relationship built on similar experiences and constant communication.

Last night we had a HUGE SCARE!  Before going to bed, we hooked Bennett up to the pump to allow him to be fed continuously until the morning.  At 4am, Bennett began to cry out from his bassinet next to our bed.  Breck, still very groggy, reached down to pick Bennett up.  All of the sudden she felt a "pop" and heard Bennett scream.  Immediately, Breck knew what happened.  She began to cry out, "Oh no, Brian!  Oh no! Oh no! Oh nooo!" 

Brian sat up in bed and turned on the light, "what?! What, Breck?!"  Breck responded, "Brian!  His G-button got pulled out!  I ripped out Bennett's G-button!"  (Apparently, the tubing that goes from the pump to Bennett's G-button got caught on something and the G-button was yanked out while Breck lifted Bennett onto the bed.)

Breck looked down at the hole in Bennett's tummy.  The only thing she could see in the big hole was a pool of white liquid - clearly, the milk that had been pumped into his stomach minutes before.  Bennett had stopped crying at this point.  It seemed that once the shock of having his G-button ripped out had subsided, Bennett was completely pacified.

Breck grabbed her cellphone and began dialing the hospital in hopes to reach one of the nurses that had recently taken care of Bennett at Cook Hospital.  Simultaneously, Brian began combing through the G-button manual we were given after Bennett's surgery.

Ten minutes later, Brian was putting the G-button back in Bennett's stomach cavity and pumping water into the balloon which keeps the G-button in place.  It turned out putting the G-button back in was very simple to do and once put back in correctly, Bennett fell fast asleep.

Needless to say,  it took us much longer to eventually fall asleep.  Our hearts had just dropped right out of our chests.  Thankfully, everything turned out ok and now we are very careful about moving Bennett when his G-button is in use!

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  1. That had to have been so scary, Breck. I'm glad you are all ok.


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