05 November 2009

Day 36 - Pictures

Bennett's view from his crib

Bennett sleeps through the last dose of his IV antibotic.

This is the machine that is used to give any IV fluids.  Bennett's last IV medicine is being pumped through.

After this medication is done, Bennett's only machine will be his heart monitor. 

Bennett with his "Guardian Angel Crib Medal" given to him by Cara Grace Hazell 
Cara is the daughter of our good friends Tim and Cynthia.  Cara was born in March 2008, about six months after Oliver was born.  However, she was stillborn at 38 weeks - a huge shock and with grave disappointment to both her parents and to us, her friends.  Cara is very special to us for a variety of reasons but especially for the fact that, in some small way, she saved Bennett's life.  Breck almost did not go into the doctor when she was concerned Bennett not moving in the womb.  It was Cara's story - her life and death - that helped urge Breck to seek medical attention earlier rather than later.  Breck went to the hospital to be reassured everything was fine because she knew that otherwise healthy babies can die in the womb at 38 weeks as did Cara.  Thankfully, due to a proactive momma and doctors, Bennett was born alive at 38 weeks.  The doctors agree that if Breck had waited until her induction date just two days later, Bennett would not have survived. 

Tim and Cynthia sent this medal from North Carolina and had it engraved with Bennett's full name and birthdate: "Bennett Brinson Gamel Born: September 30, 2009".  This medal is very special gift to us.


  1. What a wonderful gift. It goes to show that even Cara's short life had an amazing impact on others. You just never know what God has in store.

  2. So beautiful. Thanks for posting these pictures.

  3. Such a wonderful gift!
    Liz Sherman


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