04 November 2009

Day 35 - Update

Tonight is one of those nights we will never forget.  Tonight we were given the gift of being able to love on our baby...alone, all night long, without wires.  Not at home.  Not with anybody else.  But still these are beautiful, beautiful moments.  Pictures to be posted soon.

In other news, we are still waiting for a date for Bennett's surgery.  Before scheduling the surgery, Bennett's surgeon, Dr. Custer, wants to take a biopsy of Bennett's colon to confirm he does not have Hirschsprung's disease.  We do not believe Bennett has Hirschsprung's disease but it's worth having it checked out just in case.  Dr. Guo is hoping a biopsy can be taken by Friday and the results revealed by early next week.  At that point, Dr. Custer will put Bennett on the schedule for surgery.  Our prayer is that these results come back and surgery can be completed quickly so Bennett can come home sooner.

The nurses say that Bennett has "man burps" - burps that can be heard from across the NICU and ones you'd swear only a grown man can make.  After hearing the level of burps Bennett is capable of, you'd agree these "man burps" are a sight to see hear.

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  1. Praying the biopsy goes well! And yes, we'd love to hear more about these man burps. Maybe you can catch him on video one day!


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