03 November 2009

Day 34 - Update

Tonight, Bennett's weight was up to 7 lbs, 13 oz surpassing his birth weight again.  This time we hope it will continue to rise. 

You'd think this eating baby would continue to pack on the pounds but today was a bad day for Bennett's digestive system.  The doctor said Bennett's stool output over the last 24 hours was about 100ml or about 20% of what he consumed today (yes, the nurses actually have to measure Bennett's poop every 3 hours). 

Another way to look at it is that, basically, over the last 24 hours, Bennett's stool equalled one full feeding - so instead of his body digesting 8 feedings in a 24 hour period, his body digested only 7 feedings.  This is why he struggles to gain weight: he isn't getting the calories and nutrients from the food he's actually eating.

Therefore, it wasn't really a surprise when we learned today the results of Bennett's enzyme test from 2 weeks ago.  The test revealed that Bennett has "severe pancreatic insufficiency".

Most Cystic Fibrosis patients have some element of pancreatic insufficiency.  We certainly had hoped this wouldn't be the case but we are pretty resolved with the fact that enzymes will be part of his daily regime for the rest of his life...Bennett will most likely always struggle with the ability to absorb the nutrients, fat and calories in his food.

As matter of fact, Dr. Guo gave Bennett enzymes for the first time last night starting at his 6pm feeding.  Bennett is being given (and will continue to be given) enzymes at the beginning of every meal.  The nurses report that Bennett doesn't like the texture of the enzymes as they are little medicine beads (Breck actually found enzymes in Bennett's ear tonight - a testament that Bennett fought having to swallow those darn things this evening).

But, the enzymes seem to already be working well.  Bennett's output is less and his stool is less mucus-y (before the enzymes, it was like he was pooping slime!  Seriously!).  Nonetheless, we're finally feeling like Bennett's weight gain will soon be less of an issue now that his body is being given medicine to help him digest his food.

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