04 November 2009

Day 34 - Pictures

Dreaming about something good.  :)  (Notice the poor little bruised veins in Bennett's head - they are his battle wounds - veins that did have IVs in them until they "blew.")

Fast alseep.  Monkey and Giraffe's newest friend, Pooh Bear, keeps Bennett's pumpkin hat warm.

A cozy spot for a rest.

We are not kidding, these things are huge!  That big toe could be a finger!!

We brought up Bennett's swing from home for him to use. He loved it. 

All cuddled up and jammin' to his lullaby swing music.

Bennett's contemplative thought for the day:  Since when did somebody think a fuzzy insect that stings is a good idea as a baby toy?


  1. I love love love smiling Bennett!

  2. I was just telling my husband the same thing. That baby's got LONG toes! It's so good to see him get to do things he should be doing, if he was home. Glad they let yall bring in the toys and all. He seems to love the music, doesn't he? I'm so glad they took the IVs out of his head. Bless his little heart! Thinking of yall always and keeping you in my prayers. Ann McCaa

  3. We call those two Busy Bee and Flutter Bug. They are Molly's buddies too! (As well as the bright green paci!)

  4. Love these pictures...especially the one of Bennett dreaming! So cute! Glad Pooh Bear made it safely to Texas...we gave it lots of hugs before sending on its way!


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