02 November 2009

Day 33 - Update

:::updated 3:47pm:::
Dr. Guo has decided to put Bennett on enzymes.  She has noticed his stool has increased in the last week (this means that while he is eating alot, his body is not absorbing the nutrition).  So, we hope that the combination of enzymes and his surgery will help our boy gain weight and keep it on.  He is still at his birth weight of 7lbs, 11oz as of today.  Dr. Guo will confirm the surgery date tomorrow but said that Dr. Custer (the surgeon who originally operated on Bennett) said he'd try to schedule the surgery for next week. 

The doctors have decided to keep Bennett in the hospital until his "humpty dumpty" surgery (that's what we're calling it since it's the surgery that will "put Bennett back together again").  The date of surgery hasn't been confirmed yet but we're expecting around November 11...about a week and a half away.

The doctors don't know how long Bennett will stay in the hospital after surgery but they expect he will be there about 7-10 days, if all goes well.  This means that he's likely to stay in the hospital until November 21.  However, we are prepared that he may not come home until after Thanksgiving...

There are three things that will happen during Bennett's "Humpty Dumpty" Surgery.  His large intestines will be reattached to his small intestines.  His gastric tube (aka G-tube) will be removed and he will be given a "button" instead (this allows him to be fed straight to his tummy, if needed in the future).  And he will be circumcised (hooray!).

Bennett's recovery from his surgery will take about a week or longer.  After the surgery, the doctors will be monitoring whether or not his entire bowel system works properly.  Since he's never used his small intestines before, there is a chance that there is meconium inside them too.  Therefore, the surgeons will likely have to irrigate that part of his bowel (like they did with his colon) for some time.

Just like before, the doctors will begin to refeed Bennett and watch to see if he his body is using his bowel system properly.  If his body does work correctly and he begins gaining weight, he will be discharged sooner.  If the doctors find complications or if he does not gain weight, he will be kept in the NICU longer.

Our appointment with the CF Team will be rescheduled.  We have not set up a new appointment with them at this time.

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  1. Since reading your last few posts, I was really hoping that his surgery would be before he left the hospital. I know it prolongs his homecoming, but I hope it makes the transition easier for you guys in the long run.


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