02 November 2009

Day 33 - Pictures

Bennett is so alert!  He loves to look around and watch people.  It's easy to lock eyes with him.

The nurses are playing "musical chairs" on Bennett's veins with the IVs.  His IVs keep blowing so Bennett gets a new IV practically every day (he is *not* happy about this).

The nurses have to call in the head nurse to give him an IV these days since he has so few places on his hands, arms and head that the bedside nurses can find to poke Bennett.

Bennett shows just how excited he is to have a needle sticking out of in his forehead.

Our little man is getting big! 


  1. BEAUTIFUL picture of mommy with her baby boy! I know it must seem that you're taking one step forward and two steps back. Still praying! Loved the elephant and little peanut!

  2. He looks so long! Do they have an update on his length?

  3. I love how alert he is! Those big eyes are just gorgeous. And I love the picture of you snuggling him--so sweet!

  4. He does look like a little man here! He sure has grown!


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