01 November 2009

Day 32 - Update

We are *very* anxious to get our little man home. However, we are less and less convinced he will be coming home this week.

Bennett will finish his round of tobramycin antibiotics on Wednesday evening. At that point, the only thing that will delay Bennett's coming home will be his weight.

Bennett's weight continues to fluctuate. A few days ago, he was gaining weight (at one point, surpassing his birth weight). But within 24 hours, he lost 5 ounces (alot for a little baby). He should be gaining weight at about 1 ounce a day.

The doctor treating Bennett this week feels Bennett will better gain weight when he's put back together (simply, if the food has more colon to go through before it's wasted, the body will have more time to absorb the nutrients; therefore, he will gain weight).

The surgeons have confirmed they are willing to do surgery on Bennett as early as 6 weeks from the point of his last surgery. This would be November 11th.

Bennett will definitely be in the hospital until November 4, so at that point, he will be only a week away from having to be put back in the hospital for surgery.

If Bennett continues to not gain weight, he will probably be kept in the hospital for another two weeks for surgery.  This will delay our meeting with the CF Team. 

If he is sent home for a week, we will likely ourselves request to have him transferred to Cook Children's Hospital and see if they will oversee his CF care as well as his surgery care.

Hopefully, we will know more when Breck meets with the doctor on rounds tomorrow morning.


  1. Breck, I just ready most of all of your blog (I saw a Facebook link). I want you to know that your whole family is in my prayers. You and your husband are so strong and sure and trusting in God, you are absolutely an inspiration. My son (who is three) and I pray together every night before bed. Rest assured we will be praying for you and your family. Both of your boys are simply beautiful.
    Love Jen Horton Coffman

  2. Brittany Breck! I'm going to try and get you on my FB contact list somehow! I don't want to lose contact with you and your family. Your Halloween pictures are so, so cute! My youngest grandson is almost 2. Oliver is a cutie! I can hardly stand to see those IVs on Bennett's head! Will be so glad, when he doesn't have to have that anymore! I love your description of Bennett's upcoming surgery as the Humpty Dumpty surgery! You still have a sense of humor, even though I know your are emotionally stressed and drained! You and Brian are doing a great job juggling your careers, family, and taking care of Bennett at the hospital. You are amazing. God is surely taking care of you all! Love, MS. Ann


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