20 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 8 - Update 12:22am

This update is written by Breck as Brian has returned home to continue school work for now.

Dr. O finally did finally come this evening.  He said the ultrasound looked clear.  Apparently, Dr. O was looking for an obstruction or even the potential that he had intestinal folding.  Fortunately, he saw neither.  This doesn't surprise us. 

So, we're still baffled as to the medical reason for why Bennett screams in pain during and after his feeds.  I feel like I'm going to have one of those Discovery Health "Mystery Diagnosis" stories before it's all over with.

The "whole new plan" isn't exactly a whole new plan.  But the plan has been tweaked some:
* Continue to feed every 4 hours.
* Feed all allotted formula within two hours.
* Give 1 ounce (or as much as possible) by mouth and bolus the rest.
* Give Elecare formula with 1 tsp rice cereal per oz. during bottle feeding.
* Give a full 2 hour rest between start of feeds.
* If feeding is not tolerated, take off feeding and put on IV fluids until able to tolerate again.

While this is a similar plan as before, it seems the doctors are more sensitive to his pain and the fact that it's not going away.  I hope this new plan will allow us to look more closely at what we're doing and better determine what might be going on.

I'm starting to prepare myself for the eventual conclusion: there is nothing medically causing his pain but Bennett still must eat.  What exactly does that look like?  I don't know.

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