18 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 7 - Update 11:45am

This update is written by Breck as Brian has returned home to continue school work for now.

We had a great night last night!  Bennett slept very soundly.  It's been about 24 hours without him screaming in pain from his feeds.

I couldn't believe how last night could be so beautiful and the night before so horrible.  I've been thinking about and here is what I believe has changed:
* Bennett is now getting a maximum dose of Prevacid to help with acid reflux.
* Bennett has changed from Progestimil formula to Elecare formula, which is more gentle on his gut.
* Bennett is getting mylicon around the clock to help with stomach gas.
* Bennett is being fed every 4 hours with a 2 hour break on his GI track.
* Some other magical heavenly thing happened that I can't account for!? :)

Nonetheless, we are on the right track.  Now that Bennett is shown to tolerate his feedings, we have to work towards getting his feedings to be where they need to be to sustain him.  So, today and tomorrow will be evaluating where we are and where we need to go.

I'm hopeful that in a few days, we'll be ready to go home...just in time for Thanksgiving!


  1. I think I'm becoming addicted to this blog! Maybe it's because I know I'm going to read about many answered prayers, but I know it's also because I love your baby boy! I want to know everything that God does for your little family. Seeing him work his wonders will be a blessing to everyone, who reads your blog. I'm so happy for you that he had a good night! I'm so glad to know that he wasn't in pain for 24 hours. I've prayed for God to take away his pain and for the doctors to find a way to feed him, so he won't be in pain trying to digest his formula. I know I'm not the only one praying for those specific things, so all your prayer warriors have something to be thankful for today! Love, Ms.Ann

  2. And I know I'm not the only one wondering what that magical heavenly thing that happened was! Ms. Ann

  3. So glad to hear of these improvements!!


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