17 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 6 - Update 5:21pm

This update is written by Breck as Brian has returned home to continue school work for now.

Bennett continues to rest soundly today.   It's just a reminder that behind all of the pain, this little baby is a laid-back guy (not "fussy" at all).  For a moment, in the midst of the peace, I forget why we're in the hospital.  Bennett has been awake a good bit today as well.  I even heard him coo!  It was delightful.

The good thing is that Bennett has been mainly comfortable today.  (I had a serious talk with the nurse this morning where I looked her in the eyes and explained in strong terms that while I want to work with her, I wasn't going to spend the day watching my child in intense pain.)  We have made an effort to continue to keep him on his feeding,s as best as possible, but have given him only what he can tolerate. 

Bennett has eaten only a couple of ounces (not at all sustainable) but has had IV in that is giving him fluids.  I'm anxious to find out what the docs think we should do from here.

I'm still waiting (and have all day) for the two most important doctors: the GI doc and Dr. Dambro, Bennett's CF doc.  It's hard to wait all day.  It feels like forever.  But apparently, they make their rounds after their day in the office.

Bennett aced his swallow test (which showed whether or not he was accidently swallowing his feeds into his lungs).  The results of Bennett's PH test (a test that tell us whether or not he's having reflux issues) have not come back yet.  We look forward to find out what that test reveals.

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