17 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 6 - Update 12:11am

Back to square one.

Bennett has been taken out of the room.  They want to give me a break.  The nurses are "so sorry."  They have listened at the nurses station right outside the door.

Bennett has screamed in pain off and on for 6.5 hours.  We (the nurses and myself) have exhausted our efforts.  No amount of holding, pacifer, soothing helps.  We've tried giving 3 medications to address acid, gas and pain management.  The GI doctor was called at 10pm and suggested a few options to see if they helped.  Slower continuous feedings, stopping the feeding, nothing works.

We are now at the last resort for the evening: take Bennett off his feeds and give him an IV just to keep him hydrated.

Elecare is better.  Something worked.  But it didn't work well enough.

We are back to square one.

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