18 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 6 - Pictures

Bennett - comfy in Momma's arms.

Bennett gets an X-ray after his Ph Test probe was put down his nose.  The probe went in his nose, down his throat and to the top of his stomach.  It measured each time reflux came back up by measuring the amount of acidity that exists at a moment in Bennett's esaphogus.

The X-ray clarified whether or not the probe was put in the right place.

 Bennett is not a fan of having pictures taken of his insides.

Finally complete, the probe is taped to his face so he can't kick it off.  This test was to measure the amount of reflux he was having.


This green box had to follow Bennett everywhere for a day.

We had to push buttons on the box each time Bennett cried, spit up/vomited or coughed.  This was used to correlate whether or not Bennett was uncomfortable each time the acidity in his esophagus increased (measured by the probe).


  1. Sweet Breck, I am lifting you in prayer as I read each post - many times wiping tears as I learn all of the challenges you are facing. I draw on my own experiences when my children were very sick - Chris with scarlet fever, Mandy in ICU, Tristan so dehydrated they couldn't find a vein when she was't even a year old - to understand how you are feeling. And I can't truly understand because I haven't been in your place. Nothing rips a mama's heart apart more than watching her children suffer. You know what? Breakdowns are a form of release that you *need*. Like the valve on a pressure cooker - that release must take place or an explosion will occur. Don't feel guilty for those tears. Of course you are overwhelmed. But God isn't! And that's the wonderful truth!

    One prayer I hold onto tightly is one I learned from Carrie Myers. She prays to be the "blade of grass". Her explanation follows:
    Visualize a huge oak tree and write down some descriptive words - majestic, strong, protecting, useful for many purposes - on and on the go. Now visualize a blade of grass and describe it - puny, not useful, not pretty - not much you can saw about it that is desirable.

    Next imagine a storm - a vicious tornado - ripping through on a direct path with the tree and the blade of grass. After the storm passes, what do you see? The tree is in splinters - it has fallen on the house below and crushed it. The root ball has torn up the ground in a huge area. The tree was destroyed by the storm. But look at the blade of grass, Precious One. The tip is tattered, but the blade of grass survived to grow once more.

    God is the Great I AM - that means He is ALL you need, no matter what. He is more than sufficient. And He knows how to carry you through this and all future storms.

    I love your determination and your courage. God has created you and molded you to be exactly the Mama Bear that Bennett Bear needs. You are his voice - you are his advocate. Most of all, you are his Mama. I hope you both get lots of peaceful rest tonight. <>< Mrs. Marsha

  2. Dear Breck, After reading Marsha's post, all I can say is, I'm crying with you, and still praying. Love, Ms.Ann


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