16 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 5 - Pictures

Since Bennett started his new formula, he has become like a new baby.  A few days ago, we couldn't get him to look at us, to stop crying, to wake up.  Now, he's alert, happy and hardly cries.

 Bennett gets his continuous feedings while sitting in his bouncy chair. 

Mumsy and Pops study Bennett's features.

First picture of Mumsy and Pops with their new grandson!

Bennett and Pops hanging out in the hospital room.

Mumsy comforts Bennett after a feeding.

Mumsy delights in her boy.

Oliver plays with one of the hospital playroom's fire engine trucks in Bennett's hospital room.

Oliver loves trucks and wheels.

Playing on the floor - what 2 year olds love to do!

Oliver gives Mumsy one of his random hugs.  Oliver loves to give hugs.

Bennett feeds.

Bennett's feeds are the source of life but have also been the source of his pain.

Snuggled in Mumsy's arms.

So alert!

Looking in your eyes.

Almost 7 weeks old!

Guess who else came along for a visit?!  Bennett is so glad his pals came to visit him!

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  1. Such darling photos, Breck! You are so talented. It makes me feel like I'm there - what a treat!


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