14 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 3 - Update

It's Saturday and that means today will be slow in the way of news about Bennett's health.  We don't care for weekends at the hospital as it often means a skeleton crew and doctors "on call".  Dr. Dambro, our main CF doctor, won't see Bennett again until Monday.

However, here is what we know now:
* Bennett will be released from the hospital as soon as "he can tolerate his feedings."  This means, we have to make sure we resolve this reflux issue that is causing him to throw up and choke on his food as well as causing him pain.  They would also like to see Bennett showing signs that he's gaining weight.

* Bennett's Humpty Dumpty surgery has been tenatively set for 6 weeks from today.  So, we will likely plan it right after the Christmas holidays, if not right before.

* Bennett is looking very healthy in all other areas.  He will have an assessment by the occupational therapist on Monday to evaluate his development.  We want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to help him develop normally, despite that he's been in the hospital all but 4 days of his life so far.

On tap for Saturday is getting to see new faces at the hospital!  Oliver and Mumsy will be coming to visit, which we are SO excited about.  And Pops, Breck's dad, is also hoping to come see both of his grandsons today as well. What fun today holds!

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