13 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 2 - Pictures and Update

8am: Brian gets rest while Breck is up with Bennett.  Brian was up last night while Breck rested.

10am: Sleeping with his new IV.  The IV was put in to get him ready for his surgery.

Our sweet boy with his little arm wrapped up so he doesn't pull out his IV.

Bennett waits for his surgery to be circumcised and to have his gastric tube removed while a gastric button is put in.   This will make it much easier for Bennett to be fed through a tube and to assure that Bennett gains enough weight to survive.  The Cook Pediatric surgeon has decided to set Bennett's Humpty Dumpty surgery for 6 weeks from now (as long as his Hirshsprung's biopsy comes back negative).

4pm: Bennett returns from surgery and is very very upset.  He is in pain and hasn't eaten in more than 12 hours.  It is SO hard to see him continue to cry. 

 Eventually, though, he calms down when he is in Momma's arms.

7pm: Brian takes a break to study.


7pm: Breck works and takes care of emails while cuddling Bennett.   The machine the Bennett is connected to is the heart/oxygen machine.

 Since Bennett was released from surgery, he has been on a heart and oxygen monitor.  He will continue to be for the next 24 hours.

 Bennett's feeding and IV pumps.

 The funniest thing about staying in a Children's Hospital is how "little" some things are.  It's pretty interesting to sit on such a low potty.  And the tub is hardly deep enough to have any type of bath.  The shower works but the showerhead barely comes to the top of your head.

10pm: Bennett continues to recover from his surgery.

A close up of Bennett's gastric "button."  This button has a top (which is hidden under Bennett's shirt) which can be closed with the button is not being used. 

The g-button hooked up to the feeding tube.  The button is very simple because all you have to do is connect a tube to it in order to administer liquid food right into the stomach. This g-button can last for years and is very easy to take care of.  We are excited that Bennett has a g-tube as we can use it to give him multiple medicines he needs per day without him having to protest their bad taste. 

A picture of the feeding tube (with a purple top) connected to the g-button.  

If Bennett does well, he will have continuous feeding only at night.  However, if he still can't seem to feed well during the day, we will be forced to use the g-tube full time to feed him.

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