23 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 12 - Update

One of the greatest compliments came yesterday from the Pulmonologist on call who is covering for Dr. Dambro for the week.  Dr. Hadeed, who had never met Bennett and had only read his chart said: "Bennett looks great.  I came in expecting to see a scrawny baby...."

Ah, yes!  Our boy may be little but he's hearty and he's looking better by the day! 

Last night, Bennett took his entire bottle - all 90ml with no bolus/tube feeding.  This is *huge* because it means that not only is Bennett is tolerating his feeds but he is hungry enough to take it all by mouth.

Despite the ups and downs of the past two weeks, no longer is Bennett screaming in pain, throwing up or choking.  It seems that his tummy and GI track are handling the food just fine.

And finally, we are starting to feel like home is on the horizon.

Since Dr. O has increased his per ounce calories to 24, Bennett can now drink 90ml of formula but gain more weight than he could when the per ounce calories were 20.  Dr. O plans to increase the per ounce concentration to 26 tomorrow.

In addition, Bennett is getting double the enzymes he received when we left the NICU.  So, he should be absorbing more of his food than before.

While we have not been given a discharge date, we are anticipating with the day before or the day after Thanksgiving as the day we will be released.  Hip-hip-hooray!!

Bennett's weight today: 8lbs. 4oz. (same as yesterday)

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  1. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! That is such fantastic news! God is good. What a wonderful blessing it would be to take Bennett home for Thanksgiving. I'll pray hard and keep my fingers crossed that this works out.


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