23 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 12 - Pictures

Bennett gets his first submersion bath. (by the way, that little pink spot on his tummy isn't a belly button - it's his stoma from his intestine.  weird to look at.  we know.)

Just looking around hanging out in his bouncer.

Bennett is hilarious to wrap up.  No matter what you do, Bennett's little toes always seem to find their way out for some air conditioning.

Seriously!  Look at those toes wrapped like fingers around that feeding tube?!


  1. Oh, my goodness Brittney, you are soooo right those toes do look like fingers. hahaha Bennett is such a handsome boy. I am so glad he is doing better.

  2. Adorable pictures, as always! What crazy little monkey toes!

    Just read a great article about being thankful. It made me think of you. It's fitting timing too for my Tuesdays at 8 a.m. prayer time. Praying for you! Here's the article:


  3. Bennett has some monkey toes, doesn't he? That is soooooo cute! I thought you'd have to clean around his stoma and not get it wet. I've learned so much through your blog. You've made me so much more aware of CF and all that it involves. I still haven't figured out why the hospital uses such HUGE pacies! Bennett has the cutest expressions in his pictures. His little sleeping face and the way he holds his hands are just precious! Was so good to see your mom, dad, and Brooke in the pictures. Your brother was just a baby, when I left Minden. Still praying! Love, Ms.Ann


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