22 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 11 - Pictures

The weekend went by too fast.  Our visit with our friend Chelsea has come and gone.  But what a wonderful time we had!

Chelsea has a little girl named Ada who is the same age as Oliver.  Her second child, Miles, is 9 months older than Bennett.  We came to visit each other in the hospital shortly after each of our children's births.  So, Chelsea really enjoyed finally getting to meet our second son!

Yesterday, Chelsea and Breck took a quick trip to Waco to visit Oliver and Mumsy, instead of having them have to drive to Fort Worth.  (The nurses reassured Breck that Bennett would be watched over and she need not to worry.)  Oliver was excited for us to visit.  (In this picture, Oliver awaits to open the 2nd birthday gift he received in the mail from his godparents.) 

Breck loved getting to spend a short time with her big boy.  Breck noticed how much he has grown and how much his language skills have developed since she saw him last!

In our hospital room. 

 The sign on the back of the hospital room bathroom door lists Bennett's daily caregivers in the hospital.  Each shift, the nurses erase the name of the previous nurse and add their own.  This is very helpful for us since the nurses change so often.  The nurses don't typically call us by name.  They tease about how every patient's caregiver is either "mom" and "dad." 

Chelsea's visit was a nice break to the monotony of the hospital.  Thank you, Chelsea, for a wonderful time.  Come back soon!


  1. How CUTE is Oliver in that picture with his birthday book? And you can never get him to look into the camera AND smile at the same time! He's precious =) That's a framer.

  2. LOVED being there--and miss you already :) Thank you for such an amazing weekend... Love you!

  3. I second Laura's comment! Adorable. And we need another video of Bennett!!


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