21 November 2009

Cook Hospital Day 10 - Update 10:04am

Things have been great since my last post.  Bennett is tolerating his feeds really well.  This has surprised our friend Chelsea who arrived from NC yesterday.  She was expecting a 24:7 screaming baby.  I am so happy he is a 24:7 happy baby, instead.

As matter of fact, something that has surprised us is Bennett has begun to show more interest in taking his feeds by mouth.  As matter of fact, he's been taking about 1/2 to 3/4 of his feeds by mouth for the last few feeds.

Typically, Bennett would take about or less than 1 ounce by bottle.  Then, he would stop and would hae no more of it.  So, we were forced for feed the rest by his G-button (which seemed to cause him pain).

However, now that Bennett's pain has decreased almost completely, he is more interested in taking his feed by bottle.  This is *huge* because 1.) it shows Bennett is happily tolerating his feeds and 2.) it shows Bennett may soon be able to tolerate enough of his feeds that he wouldn't necessarily need to use his G-button at all.

We will keep his G-button in for as long as possible (for years, if we can).  It's an excellent way to give him what he needs without having to fight him on it.  If he begins losing weight, becomes sick or just won't take his meds (and CFers have TONS of meds), we will always have access to his tummy. 

Fortunately, we can keep the G-button for as many years as we want.  If it falls out, we can simply put it right back in.  Creepy...but awesome!


  1. Praise God! I hope Bennett can continue to make progress! What a blessing!

  2. Katie and Bill PoseyNovember 21, 2009 at 7:46 PM

    Bennett looks so good and content. I know that makes your heart sing! As I give a report tomorrow at church, you will have many prayers being lifted for your family! May you feel each one and may they give you strength! Only God can carry us through the tough assignments!
    You are all in our prayers - Katie and Bill Posey


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