07 November 2009

Coming Home

It's pretty hard to believe it's true.  Only a few days ago, we were preparing for Bennett to stay until after Christmas.  But now, he's in our arms.  (When we left the hospital parking lot, we joked about looking for cops and trying to get out of there as quickly as possible.  It's still surreal to us.  :))

Here are pictures of Bennett's Coming Home Day so far:

Lying in wait...Bennett has no idea how momentous this occasion is! (Notice the band-aid on Bennett's thigh - he has one on each as he got his final newborn shots yesterday.) 

Last time in this crib!

The only machine left is the computer screen on the left, his heart monitor (the pole is his feeding machine, something he will have at home as well).  This baby is about to make a jail break!

Dr. Guo, Bennett's Neonatologist, says goodbye.  (This picture was taken yesterday as we didn't want to make Dr. Guo have to come up to the hospital on a Saturday to discharge him - even though she said she would.)  We love Dr. Guo and will miss her!

Bennett with his nurse, Emily.  Although Bennett's nurses changed regularly, we were fortunate to have Emily as the nurse who discharged Bennett.  It was special for all of us as Emily was also the nurse that admitted Bennett on the first day.  Emily was a huge help to us that day and has always been one of our very favorite nurses since.  Emily has seen how far Bennett has come.  We wish we had a picture of all of Bennett's nurses.  So many them have been so wonderful to him and to us.  They were a daily staple of our lives and people whom we will never forget.

Patti, the Scott and White NICU Social Worker - Patti was vitally important to the discharge process.  She originally arranged for us to go to the Ronald McDonald House and as we were discharged, she arranged for all our supplies and equipment to be ordered.  There is no way we could have survived without Patti.

Our family picture before we left the NICU.

Bennett in his coming home outfit - the one we've waited 5 weeks for him to wear!

Bennett leaves the NICU...

...along with all three of his sweet friends.

 First time in a carseat.

Bennett, we love you!  We're so glad you're finally ours!


  1. I love these pictures! What an exciting day! I'm so glad that it worked out to have Bennett at home for a little while before he goes back to the hospital. It will help you slowly adapt to having him at home. And, maybe this will give you a chance to rest a bit before you get back in the habit of going back and forth to the hospital again. I'm so happy for you guys!

  2. I am so happy to hear your family is under the same familiar roof! Take care, and know you remain in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. How WONDERFUL! I'm so glad he's getting to go home with you! He's so precious! I wish I could hold him! I know Oliver will be so glad to see him! MS.Ann

  4. What a glorious day for you all!! Praise God!! I am Wanda Fields from Minden (FBC) . . have been following you on this journey from the beginning and praying daily for Bennett, both of you and Oliver. I think it is neat that this became a reality so suddenly and unexpected. God bless, W.Fields


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