10 November 2009

Bennett's First Days At Home

Bennett spends much of the day sleeping.  Here he is sleeping through his daily weigh-in at home.  We purchased a scale since Bennett is underweight and his weight is so critical to his health.

 Our little duckie in his duckie onesie on his duckie blankie.

Mumsy, Breck's Mom, gives Bennett his first bath.

Bennett didn't find anything funny about that.

Getting washed.

Bennett's cute little baby butt. :)

Bennett has some "tummy time."

Notice our poor little guys' haircut:  Bennett has what the nurses called a "NICU Haircut".  Babies that have "NICU haircuts" have had nurses shave their heads in order to place IV's.  NICU nurses are talented but not exactly the most sought after for giving haircuts. :)


  1. That's one sacked out little boy! I love seeing all these pictures of him at home! Hope everything went ok yesterday.

  2. I LOVE all of the new pictures of Bennett. Seems that he doesn't mind his tummy time very much either. Hehe! That looks like one tired little boy. Glad to hear things went well with the doctors and I hope you get a surgery date for Bennett very soon.
    Liz Sherman


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