21 October 2009

Update - Day 21

Bennett is continuing to improve and eat well...surprisingly so.  The doctors have said he's improving faster than they expected! 

We were holding our breath hoping that his GI system would work correctly once he began feeding.  We knew that if the food didn't digest properly, we could find ourselves with more problems to solve.

However, he's been feeding for a few days now and he's doing wonderful!  He drank 38 ml today.  A baby at his age should be drinking 60 ml.  His milk is being increased by 1-2 ml every feeding. Everything looks like it's working correctly as of now. His stool is the right color and consistency.

Dr. Guo has ordered a stool sample in order to figure out whether or not Bennett's body needs enzymes to absorb the food's nutrients (enzymes are typically given to those with CF).  Dr. Guo is also a day or two away from taking him off the IV nutrients completely.  As he continues to eat and grow, this will be less necessary for him to have.  That means that there will be one less tube soon!!  Bennett also will begin taking vitamins in the next few days.

We are starting to hear the words "discharge" and "when you get home."  So, we are starting to feel like it is getting closer.  The nurses are going to begin teaching us how to care for Bennett starting this week.  The hospital is also starting to order supplies for us to use at home.

We don't know exactly when Bennett will come home but we know we are less than a few weeks away!


  1. such good news. we continue to pray for you guys daily and miss being with you! hopefully we'll be down again sooner than later :)

  2. Hi Breck!

    I know it's been a long time since we've "talked," but I wanted to let you know that Drew and I have been, and are praying for you. Thank you for your example of faith, and trust in God's plan for your family's life. I'm so excited for Bennett's progress, and pray that it will continue!


  3. I am glad you are hearing more great news about Bennett. He gets more handsome I think every time I "look" at him. Such a strong little fighter. I can't wait to hear news of when you can have your ENTIRE family back at home! YAY! :)
    Liz Sherman (Finkemeier)

  4. What a blessing! We pray for continued progress!


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