14 October 2009

Two weeks old.

It is amazing how much Bennett has improved in two weeks. While we are disappointed by his diagnosis, we are thankful that we now understand why our little boy was so sick when he was born. And, we are happy to know that there are treatments to help keep Bennett well.

Bennett:  4 Hours old

Bennett: 2 Weeks old.


  1. Bennett Brinson Gamel (hereafter BBG (not be confused with BBC)),

    just when we thought you couldn't get more good looking... you go ahead and pull this off at two weeks. nice work.

    I'll have you know that i took a gander at your site meter and noticed you are already so popular that you are catching the attention of Europe. I've got to be honest. I've been working for that kind of publicity my whole life and haven't got it. good perhaps we can get together and share self-marketing strategies sometime. I'll tell you some one liners that have been successful from the pulpit and you can reacquaint me with the oogly googly stuff. we will be a force to be reckoned with. (just had to look up the spelling on "reckoned" (never did find much use for the letter "K")).

    until Niagra Falls,

  2. BBG,

    one more thing

    signed up for a google account just post comments here.

    you are welcome

  3. Happy 2 week birthday Bennett! So proud of you and can't wait to hold you!!

  4. He is so handsome!

    ...and that little mo-hawk is just precious!!

  5. Bennett has beautiful color, too! Look at those rosy cheeks and healthy pink glow! He is an absolute doll.

  6. It is so amazing to see how blue he was at birth and how pink he is now. What a wonderful change!


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