14 October 2009

Our baby tastes salty and sounds crunchy.

Our baby tastes salty and sounds crunchy...seriously.

One of the symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis is "salty-tasting skin." We read that on a website when we found out Bennett has CF and thought,"how often does one taste their skin to know something like this??"

But, it wasn't too long after, that we noticed when we kiss Bennett how our lips taste I-just-licked-my-lips-after-eating-a-chip-at-a-Mexican-restaurant salty.

It's crazy! The reason for Bennett's salty tasting skin is because the CF causes the body's cells to become dehydrated and salt is secreted through the skin. This is why many people with CF are directed by their doctors to eat a diet high with salt in order to help their bodies replenish the salt that is secreted.

Bennett also sounds "crunchy". He has alot of mucus in his lungs that the Respiratory Therapist must get out daily through his breathing treatments. He doesn't exactly sound like he's wheezying. He just seems to sound "crunchy" in his lungs. We hope eventually that sound will go away.

So, we call Bennett our little granola bar: alittle salty, alittle crunchy but lots of sweet.


  1. You guys are doing such a wonderful job of keeping us all posted, despite your crazy schedule. Thank you!!! I have been checking your blog daily.

  2. Breck, Thank you so much for this blog. We love you both so much, and miss you already after our wonderful day together recently. I am so glad God has chosen you and Brian to raise Bennett. We will be in Waco on Halloween and would love to see you

    Matt Flener

  3. I can't wait to meet the little crunchy man! I love it - granola baby! Maybe, granola bear?


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